Contestant's Corner

2017 Contestant Packets will be available early Spring and emailed to interested contestats. If you would like to receive one, please email Michelle Love at or call 260-449-4444. In the email/message please include your name, age, birthday, address, phone, and email.


Competition Area 1:  Interview - Professional Dress or Suit - 50 points

Each contestant will have four minutes to interview with the judges.  She will answer impromptu questions from the three judges. Typically the questions will come from each contestant’s information sheet. Professional attire is required. 


Competition Area 2:  Professional Wear - Professional Dress or Suit - 20 points

The professional wear suit does not have to be of the same fabric.  Separates will be allowed.  Suit or professional dress worn by contestant in her interview should also be worn and judged in the Professional Wear Category.  No props are allowed.


Competition Area 3:  Evening Gown - Long Evening Gown - 30 points

At least one portion of the evening gown’s hemline needs to be floor length.  Other portions of the dress may be knee or tea length, depending on the design of the gown.  The judges may discount a gown with the skirt split above knee (more than 2 inch above the kneecap is maximum) and/or low cut bodice/cutouts.


Competition Area 4:  On Stage Question - Evening Gown - 10 points

The question will either be taken from the contestant's Information Sheet or each contestant will draw a random question. This will be determined prior to the pageant in order for the contestant to prepare. Contestants are not judged on right or wrong answers, but rather how they answer the question and the personality the portray. 



Helpful Tips -

  • Smile, smile, and keep on SMILING!
  • You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on your pageant gown. If it is elegant, sparkles on stage, and it makes you feel like a queen, then it could be your winning gown.
  • Be true to yourself. The judges want to see girls who are real, not girls who sound rehearsed.
  • Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the more prepared you are, the better you’ll do.
  • Have someone proofread your paperwork before you turn it in.
  • Even if you don’t get the crown, you’re a winner just for competing.
  • On stage question is not as tough as it might seem. Often times the stage lights are so bright you can’t see the audience anyway so just pretend they aren’t even there.
  • If you don’t feel confident on stage, try and get some friends and family to be your "cheering section". This will definitely give you a confidence boost while on stage!!
  • In order to create a natural smile rather than a "plastic look", think of something funny before you go on stage
  • The interview isn’t an interrogation, but rather a conversation where the judges can get to know you better.
  • Be sure you understand just what the responsibilities of the titleholder are. You don’t want to win and discover that you can’t handle the job.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the interview if you don’t understand. The judges will be glad to clarify for you.
  • Always maintain excellent posture. Shoulders back, chin parallel to the ground, and back straight, whether you’re sitting or standing.
  • Keep your walk slow and elegant during evening gown.
  • Show your personality both in the interview and on the stage.
  • Get plenty of beauty sleep during pageant weekend!
  • Make friends with the other girls!
  • At least 95% of your interview will probably be based on your fact sheet. You know yourself better than anyone, so be confident
  • Make sure you have extra nylons. You never know when you’ll get the runs.
  • Don’t be afraid to make the judges laugh a little! Sharing something humorous will lighten the mood and make them feel more comfortable.
  • The judges are often just as nervous as you are, or even more so. They have a huge decision to make that could change the lives of the girls competing.
  • Make sure you have tons of fun! If you are having fun it will show.
  • If you make a mistake, try to act like it never happened. The audience may not notice and if the judges notice but see how quickly you can pick up your composure quickly afterwards they might be impressed.
  • Last, but most certainly not least…HAVE FUN!!!


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